Đồng hồ tự ghi ARC900-U8-U4 R12 N-N

Đồng hồ tự ghi ARC900-U8-U4 R12 N-N

Panel type DIN Size (144mm*144mm), 320*240 Pixels, TFT truecolor (LCD)
128MB memory installed inside, applied to long terms data record
Common input signal, mA, Include VDC, T/C, RTD, Hz..etc
High Accuracy +/-0.15% of Reading
Maximum 12 points Relay, 4 point 4-20mA output and 24VDC output
16 channels maximum input
24VDC Aux. power supply available for 2 wires system
Display/Record single point, Multi-point, Trend, Totalizer, Bargraph
The recorded data could be stored in USB memory & SD memory card and transferred to computer for soft analysis
Outdoor type (IP65), wall-mount, 280mm (W) * 242mm (H) *157mm (D)

đại lý U8-U4 R12 N-N | nhà phân phối U8-U4 R12 N-N | đại lý alia ARC900
Thông số kỹ thuật ARC900 U8-U4 R12 N-N

Number of Inputs: Display:
1-16 Channels 5.6″ color-screen LCD
Input: Trend & Bargraph
T/C (K, S, B, E, J, N, T, R,N, etc.) Vertical / Horizontal
RTD, CU50, CU53, BA1, BA2 Digital
DCA (4-20 mA, 0-10 mA, 0-20 mA) 4-1/2 digits programmable
DCV (0-5V, 1-5V ,0-10V, 20mV, 100mV) Engineer unit
Frequency (1Hz ~ 5KHz) 66 different ngineering units
Resistance (0-175 , 0-400 ) Parameter Protection
Accuracy: Password entry (6 Digits)
+/-0.15% of Span Logging Rate:
Response Time: 1 Seconds ~ 1800 Seconds Per Data
50 ms Recording Capability:
Alarm Type: 120 Hours (16 Points, 1 Data/Second)
High & Low alarm, Incr. & Decr. alarm 789 Years (1 Point, 1 Data/Hour)
Output: PC Software:
4-20 mA *4 points Maximum, Load:800 Compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Relay, 3A/250V * 12 points Maximum Display
24VDC, 65 mA *4 points Maximum Trend, Digital, Circular, Alarm, Bargraph
Digit Input: Totalizer
2 Points Maximum Convert function
Storage Memory: Saved as excel files
128 MB (on board) Protection Class:
Recycling Mode: NEMA 3 / IP54 (Panel Type) /
Newest Data overwrites to oldest data IP65 (Outdoor Type)
Recording Data Shift: Weight:
USB memory (16GB) / SD Card (16GB) 2.6 Kg maximum
Display update Rate: Dimensions:
1 Second 144 mm (W) * 144 mm (H) * 219 mm (D)
Keypad: 280mm (W) * 242mm (H) *157mm (D)
6 Keys (Page, Left, Right, Up, Down, Enter) Ambient Temperature:
for programming and display control -10 to +60 oC
Parameter Storage: Ambient Humidity:
Operation parameters are stored by 10% to 85%RH (at 5 to 40  oC)
EEPROM for more than 10 years Power Supply:
Option: 85-260VAC, 50/60Hz
Temperature&Pressure Compensation Vibration Test:
10~60Hz ,10m/S2 for 3 hours
Power Consumption:
<=20 W
RS232 / RS485 (MODBUS Protocol)
Ethernet Port

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